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Acupuncture addresses the underlying energetic imbalances that lie within each of us – these imbalance can be on an emotional, mental or physical level, and can create tendencies towards a range of disease and symptoms.


Qi is the life force which flows through the body’s energy system (meridians), and it should ideally move in a smooth continuous flow through these channels. Where the flow of Qi is impeded or stagnant - whether from stress, diet or lifestyle factors  - pain and dysfunction start to manifest, in symptoms as diverse as migraines, PMT, back pain or skin disorders, as well as emotional imbalance and energetic depletion. For a more comprhensive list of conditions that can be helped by acupuncture, please read more Here. 


By removing blockages and balancing a person’s energy we can encourage the more efficient function of the various cycles that exist in our body, such as breathing, digestion, circulation, hormones and sleep. When these cycles are working closer to their optimum, symptoms tend to abate, and our overall sense of wellbeing and mood improves alongside this.


Acupuncture addresses the underlying imbalances by using very gentle and often completely painless needling techniques to prompt the person’s healing ability towards better health. It is particularly useful for sensitive patients. Some of our practitioners also practice needle-less acupuncture, which is especially suited to babies, children, and patients with a fear of needles.


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Each acupuncturist has their own specialisms, in addition to general practice;

visit Bradley, Charlie, Daniel, Soreh and Sarah's pages to read more…

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