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If you are surviving and not flourishing, it is time to take action and learn simple steps to enhance your overall physical and emotional wellbeing.  


Sandra James and Fi Feehan are experienced practitioners in the worlds of physical and emotional well being. Together, Sandra and Fi have guided and influenced the lives of many stuck or desperate -or had enough-individuals, ensuring a sustainable healthier life where there is little or no regret on passing.  


Sandra has a vast understanding of the body and how it heals, complements the deep knowledge Fi has of the complexity of the mind, how it functions and how we can manage it.  


The evidence accumulated from jointly guiding clients has resulted in the development of, quite literally, a roots and branches Be More Tree Programme. The Be More Tree Programme is designed to identify, accept or let go of what is not serving you in your physical and emotional well being, as well as developing thinking and everyday habits that maintain your wellness physically and emotionally. The Be More Tree Programme is the integration of mind and body, resulting in a holistic and dynamic approach to overall wellness. The Be More Tree Programme is the integration of up to date scientific understanding of how the body and mind work and connect with each other, combined with the grounding of Eastern Philosophy.


From participating in the Be More Tree Programme you will have more energy, clarity in thinking and clear steps to move forward in making deep rooted changes enhancing your overall wellness.  


Over three separate workshops you will explore strategies, tips, thinking patterns,  language, practices and habits that truly lead to you living life in flourish.





In workshop one you explore the roots of the tree, how to create the solid foundations to build upon a healthier life-the basics that are essential for healthiness in all other functions of the body and mind-such as sleep, daily fuel, Breathwork and optimistic thinking. You learn about nourishing rituals and micro habits to maintain your well being. You consider healthy connections-how these serve you in your physical and emotional wellbeing, and what healthy connections look and feel like. You uncover how you can be grounded at your roots so you can have flexibility in your branches.




In workshop two we share what brings the strength in your existence, the trunk of your being. You consider what gives you the strong back from which you can develop a soft front- what enhances your resilience from which empowering thinking and actions can come. You learn about gut health, how to boost your immune system and what ensures regular detoxification of what is not serving you. You question what allows you to be connected to yourself in a meaningful, loving and deep way, and what creates your empowerment so you can show up authentically. You learn how to live a life of balance. You design the strength of your trunk, enabling you to live in a life of thriving.  




Workshop three is in two parts. Firstly you contemplate the ebb and flow of the branches. How you learn to be adaptive, both physically and mentally, to external influences. What allows you to be flexible so you can blow in storm winds and not break.  You learn about brain health and how to support your brain nutritionally. You consider the natural ebb and flow of the body within your circadian rhythms. Secondly you give thought to the leaves that can come and go with the seasons. You examine what you can let go that does not serve you-such as limiting beliefs, expectations and attachments to a life of being ‘busy’ and adrenaline charged. By living in ebb and flow, and letting go of what does not serve, you allow yourself to live a life of flourish.  




The completion of the Be More Tree programme allows you to become unstuck from habits that hinder you, from thinking paralysing you, and physical states that limit you. You take away a tool box of strategies for your physical and emotional well being that are practical and effective, including:  

balanced daily energy,  

improved sleep,

healthier gut,

enhanced resilience,  

optimistic thinking,

effective breathing,

and empowering beliefs.


You have a deeper knowledge of how to care for yourself on a daily basis, as well as adapting to seasonal change. You understand the relationship between the brain, gut and heart, and how to listen to- and respond to -the significant messages from all three brains of the body.  


You create curiosity and compassion in your relationship with yourself, and others. Your connection with yourself and others improves as you develop grounding roots, a strong back, ebb and flow in your everyday existence and the ability to observe and dispose of that which does not serve you in creating and maintaining the life you deserve to be living.


The Be More Tree is a unique experience, no longer treating the body and mind as  separate. The focus is on the understanding that the body and mind are linked and connected, one cannot be healed without the other. This is truly a holistic, integrated and life enhancing programme, giving you the power to create your own wellness.  





The workshops are taking place between 1pm-4pm on the following dates, and venues-


Sunday 18th August - Tree of Life Centre, Portland Road, Hove, BN3 5QJ

Sunday 1st September - Tree of Life Centre, Portland Road, Hove, BN3 5QJ

Sunday 15th September - The Healthy Living Company - 96 Northease Drive, Hove, BN3 8LH


Your investment for the complete Be More Tree Programme is £80 for all three workshops. Investment to be made via PayPal to [email protected] Investment to be complete by 10 August.  


Attendance at all three workshops by each participant is anticipated

Please contact Fi on [email protected] if you want further information or to apply for a place on the Be More Tree Programme.








Sandra James is a Naturopath and Functional Medicine practitioner, who is passionate about all aspects of health with a specific interest in gut health, stress and chronic conditions. Her aim is for all of us to work with our bodies in order to feel balanced, nourished and energised. Sandra’s pragmatic approach and combination of the latest sciencebased evidence with a much wider holistic view allows her to use her expertise to get to the root cause of health issues.


Fi Feehan is an integrative emotional health practitioner who is passionate about people living in their rightful resourceful state, and dying without or with very little regret. Fi has worked extensively in the world of mental health. She has developed a Sherlock Holmes ability to break mental health codes and patterns of behaviour that do not serve for a life of flourish. Fi utilises a vast knowledge in mental health prevention and intervention practices including body, mind and spirit, alongside good old fashioned wisdom to create bespoke guidance for clients.

Please contact Fi or Sandra here.

Or contact the Centre on

-01273 220159

[email protected]

Enquiries & Bookings

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The wisdom of trees in coping with modern life


Are you living in a place of overwhelm?  

Have you had enough of low or no energy, burn out and exhaustion?  

Are you in physical and/or emotional pain?

Do you want to be energised, motivated and have a heart felt desire to get on with your day?

Workshop 1

Workshop 3

Workshop 2

Sandra James Fi Feehan

Fi Feehan

Sandra James

Dates: 24 January, 28 February, 28 March 2020

Time: 1pm - 4pm

Location: Tree of Life Centre, 143 Portland Road, Hove, BN3 5QJ

Cost: £80 for all three workshops

To be made via PayPal to [email protected]