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Meditation for Healing

David's Class


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David Crean


David Crean

Meditation for Healing

Sundays 7-8pm

Donations: suggested £5



Meditation for Healing

Meditation for Healing - New Term starting 25th July 2021

With: David Crean

When: Sunday 7-8pm

Donations: £5 suggested


These guided meditations are specifically designed for those who have experienced trauma or who are living with chronic pain or chronic illness.


At some point in our lives we have all lived through trying times: trauma is any experience that is overwhelming to us because we lack the outer and inner resources to deal with events as they happened. The difficult emotions and repetitive patterns in our lives are almost always rooted in adverse, often unspeakable, experiences that we’ve survived but have not yet fully processed. This occurs not only as a result of a shock, but can be the result of any chronic condition which is distressing both physically and emotionally. One of the long-lasting effects can be a disconnection with ourselves, from our essence.


These guided meditations cultivate a gentle and compassionate inner voice that can be used as a tool during times of pain or discomfort; when you are experiencing something challenging or when a present-moment experience triggers earlier trauma in your life. The meditations will help you find ways to work with strong emotions as a means of healing the discomfort, shame, fear and reactivity many of us live with.


Inviting connection with all the ‘parts’ of ourselves - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – including with those parts that may have become disconnected as a result of trauma or illness, you will be gently guided to connect with your essential, whole ‘self’ that is more than any single aspect of your body or your mind.


The meditations will take different forms depending on who is taking part and what shows up.


While these meditations are focussed on healing trauma and chronic health conditions, they are also helpful to anyone seeking tools to:

•reduce stress

•activate the immune system

•assist with self-care

•create an empathetic witness in a ‘safe’ space for self-soothing

•support personal transformation




About David


David Crean is known internationally for his work as a therapist, speaker, seminar leader and instructor for Body Resonance, an approach to health and wellbeing that can be applied in a medical-therapeutic context as well as everyday life. His work touches on the deep connection between all that is, between people, animals and the earth.


Body Resonance grew out of his own healing journey which began in the theatre where he worked as an actor and director. Fascinated with the connection between mind, body and spirit, David studied with a wide variety of teachers, from doctors and osteopaths to native Canadian Elders and spiritual teachers.


For more information on David and the work of Body Resonance see:




Kind Words


“Thank you David for your wonderful presence and the space in which healing can happen.” Nicole Delmas


“I can highly recommend David’s work for personal, spiritual and professional development. You have to experience it for yourself, as the valuable metamorphosis one goes through can hardly be put into words.” Sylvia Prandl


“Body Resonance has made my life (and now the life of some friends) sustainably beautiful and better. I benefited enormously not only professionally but also privately. Thank you David for the years of learning and insight.” Gerhild Reichl

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