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Emma Rawles

Emma has been practicing Yoga since 2003 and completed her Kundalini Yoga teacher training in 2017. She has a wealth of experience as role of the teacher having taught in Primary Schools around the world and in London since 2009. Having developed a deep love for Kundalini Yoga since her late twenties and having seen the immense impact it can have on her own and other peoples lives, Emma has now transitioned into teaching this style of yoga as her main career since having her son who is now 3. Emma aims to cultivate a space for transformation and growth for her students, creating a safe space for people to let go, surrender, allowing the magic of this ancient technology to support them in navigating their way through life with greater peace, joy and grace.


Emma teaches Kundalini as an integrated system of yoga, postures, breath, using rhythm, dance, and chanting, focusing on raising ones consciousness, with the aim to bring her students back to a reconnection with self. You will leave her classes with a sense of wholeness in mind, body, and spirit.

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Class Times & Fees

NEW CLASS: Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with Emma

Starting Thursday 30th September 2021 

From 12-1:15pm - £10 per class


The ancient practice of Kundalini Yoga serves to awaken the energy within, bringing an array of positive impacts, creating a space for freedom and clarity and opportunity to turn your weaknesses to strengths. Kundalini Yoga is known as the 'Yoga of Awareness', a style of yoga that can lead to a profound sense of personal transformation.


Kundalini energy lives dormant in the spine, and the technology works by awakening this energy through pranayama (breathing), asanas (postures), mudras (hand gestures), bandhas (body locks) and mediation ot the chanting of mantras, this is collectively known as a 'Kriya'. You could describe a kriya to be like a beautiful poetic progression of exercises, all interworking in a divine concert together to create a synergistic and multi-dimensional effect on the person. Expect every class to have a different theme, each Kriya is designed to have a different positive effect on all aspects of ones being, physical, mental and spiritual.




Please note the practice is not about mastering difficult-looking exercises, modifications are given for each exercise so everyone can always participate. The aim of each class is to allow the student to experience a deep sense of peace within, a greater awareness of ones own personal, universal truth, creating space and opportunity to burn off past karmas (past decisions), help to increase ones vitality and heal what may need to be healed. By the end of every class you will feel energized and relaxed, focused and expansive, all at the same time.

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CLASS SCHEDULE: Please check here for Emma's class schedule....

Starting Thursday 30th Sept

Weekly on Thursday

From 12-1:15pm

£10 per class

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

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