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Linda Belcher

Linda is a highly experienced Kinesiologist and Advanced level Tutor and a Diplomate member and Trustee of the Kinesiology Association.  She provides a client centred approach using the holistic principles of kinesiology  - the emotional, physical, structural, chemical, nutritional and electro-magnetic elements of the body.  Rather than just subdue and “treat” apparent symptoms, her goal is to uncover the underlying reasons for the “dis-ease” – this is a gentle process a bit like peeling away layers of an onion, to reveal the clients true potential and underlying good health and energy.


Linda loves seeing children in clinic and has a special interest in retained primitive reflex balancing, which is also relevant for adults too.  This can be enormously powerful for children struggling with relationships, anxiety, anger control, fine motor skills, balance and communication.


In addition to Kinesiology, Linda is a Reflexologist and offers Facial Rejuvenation Massage, Reiki and EFT.   She may suggest a combination of different treatments depending on the client’s needs.


Her specialist interests are:

  • gut health (bloating, food sensitivities, bowel problems)

  • skin disorders

  • anxiety and depression

  • pelvic instability using the Sacral Occipital method of balancing by using kinesiology testing

  • retained primitive reflexes


However because Kinesiology and Reflexology treat the WHOLE person, NOT the disease, any apparent discomfort can be helped with the same approach.




  • Diploma Systematic Kinesiology

  • Foundation and Diplomat Tutor of Kinesiology for the Kinesiology Association

  • Trustee of the Kinesiology Association

  • ITEC Reflexology

  • Advanced Level Reflexology for Pregnancy and Fertility

  • ITEC Anatomy & Physiology

  • International Centre of Champissage Facial Rejuvenation Massage

  • Diploma in Nutrition (Nutrigold and the Health Sciences Academy)

  • Numerous CPD and Workshops – nutrition, kinesiology techniques, reflexology – online and in person





I’ll pop back to see you in a couple of months.  I had a really bad skin condition which the doctors diagnosed as excema and gave me cortisone/steroid cream.   It worked like a miracle for a week but after a week of stopping the cream the condition returned (cortisone cream can only be used every other day/week).   It dealt with the symptoms but not the cause.  I then found Linda on the Internet and went to see her.   She suggested that I might have a fungal infection in my gut, which, given my travel history, was a strong possibility.   She recommended I use a supplement, Citricidal.   We also discussed diet and she tested me for various foods.   The saddest news was that my body does not like Marmite, a shame because I love it and had it most days on toast for breakfast.   She also told me to avoid sugar and all the 'diet' foods I was eating.  The combination of the supplement and the change in diet were miraculous.   When the skin problem started I always felt itchy and had to cream my body two or three times a day but now I often forget to put on the cream as the itching is no longer there.  The thing I love about kinesiology is that it tells me what MY BODY needs, not a theory that some scientist has come up with. Linda does more than just use kinesiology to test me for foods.   I don’t really know what she does but I do know that it works.   I first saw her nearly two years ago and now I see her every 4 - 6 weeks to keep ‘topped up’.


I first saw Linda back in November for issues with my multiple food allergies that were causing really bad rosacea, digestion issues and flu like reactions. Within minutes she said she thought I had leaky gut which was causing the food reactions. Working with Linda has changed my digestion issues beyond recognition. Its like a normal person’s stomach now! I am still a work in progress but I can’t recommend Linda enough. She is knowledgeable, intuitive and kind.


I don’t feel thank-you  is enough for your help but a huge thank you for making a big difference to our lives. I will never forget what you have done for our daughter.


I wanted to tell you that even as I was driving home after my appointment with you I felt better. Much more positive and generally better. That was quick wasn’t it. Thank you and see you soon


I am currently going through an emotional detox where I am emptying the emotional trauma storage containers in my body and being. I got the awareness that I could support my body more with a visit to Linda Belcher Healthcare it was my second visit and I had no idea on my first visit what to expect however I was blown away with what we worked on the remedies I was given and to support the changes to my life.  On my second session my body required support, nurturing and acknowledgement at how wonderful and resourceful it is.  Linda has a kindness, ease and directness that I and my body really resonate with and even when I got lost and called her up as I thought I would be late, the way Linda spoke to me and the guidance she gave me to locate where I was to where I wanted to be was clear, concise and easy. I would recommend Linda for all those things you cannot shift and especially if you can be a little tricky or wary of who you allow into your energy field safe or feel safe with. Thank you Linda you are a gem


I started seeing Linda for reflexology in October 2016, I was experiencing many health problems including excessive weight gain, joint pain and issues with my digestion. I had a few sessions of reflexology, which indicated issues with pain that I was aware of and helped with some of the symptoms. I was interested but sceptical about Kinesiology and in the end ( I had gone from a size 10 to a size 16) I was so desperate for help, I decided to try it out. I knew I had some issues with certain foods and wanted to see if this would be backed up with the findings. The tests highlighted some of the areas that I knew I had problems with, but more interestingly showed I had a major problem with Gluten. I had been trying to get some help from my GP with the weight gain issue but was informed I needed to do more exercise. Within 2 months of giving up Gluten my health had improved, swelling in my knees went, my psoriasis was clearing, sensitive teeth were improving, ichy skin had gone and more miraculously I had lost 2 stone without exercise or any other changes to diet except cutting out Gluten. I continue to see Linda at least monthly for reflexology and can honestly say I am so glad I found her, not only is Linda absolutely lovely, she had turned my life around. I am now back to the size 10 I have been all my life, I am healthier, happier and cannot rate Linda highly enough



"No migraines now for 30 days - AWESOME...!"

Kinesiology, Food Interance Testing, Reflexology

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(Manual muscle testing incorporating food sensitivity testing)


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