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Imagine guiding clients with a deep understanding of where your clients are in their making behaviour changes, being able to utilise a guaranteed approach to motivate and inspire your clients to be dedicated to the changes they desire to make, and for you to be able to hold space with love, acceptance and compassion for your clients.


'Love Your Clients' is a programme for practitioners who want to offer the best value in guiding their clients, who have a desire to enhance their practice by holding space in their highest self, basing their guidance on evidence based methods in moving people forward in deep behaviour change.


'Love Your Clients' is a practice based framework through which clients move from surviving, into thriving, to nally living a life of ourish. You learn how you and your clients, together, cocreate steps towards any goal, intention or desire, letting go of what is getting in the way of attaining what is wanted by your clients. Through your guidance and practice, your clients become committed to making those agreed steps, ultimately succeeding in their intended behaviour change, and achieving a sense of fullment. Both you and your clients experience curiosity and joy as your clients move forward from what they don't want to what they do want.


'Love Your Clients' is a holistic mind, body and spirit framework, meeting the needs of a practitioner from any eld or modality. The programme is the foundations upon which your can build your own personal and bespoke offering. If you are an explorative, curious and heart centred practitioner, or practitioner in training, who wants to guide with a breadth of knowledge and understanding around how people make changes, and therefore know when to nudge and how to nudge,'Love Your Clients' is the programme for you.


From participating in the 'Love your Clients' Practitioner Programme, your clients

• Make effective progress towards their desired outcomes, goals, intentions

• Are motivated to take the steps to make change

• Stay with you as you guide them through change

• Contribute to their own moving forward and letting go

• Achieve their desired states, goals, or intentions.


You gain:

• Referrals from satised clients who see the changes they are making

• An understanding of the difference between helping, guiding, nudging and mentoring

• A comprehensive collection of effective questions you know when to implement to encourage a client in moving forward

• A deep understanding of how individuals make change and know how to apply this to your own practice

• A way to guide challenging/stuck or difcult clients

• Greater satisfaction from your inuence on your clients, and others, as a practitioner.



As a participant in the Practitioner Programme, you receive a participant pack including guides and illustrations to enhance your guiding others in meeting their desires and dreams in life, and overcome challenges and pitfalls getting in the way of succeeding.



The Practitioner Programme 'Love your clients', consists of six modules, each module lasting 2.5 hours.



Module One - we explore how you hold space in your highest self, who are you in your highest self and how does this align with you as a practitioner.


Module Two - we consider what you need to let go to allow you to serve in your highest self, how your own self worth reects in your serving others and how you can let go of what challenges your self worth.


Module Three - we introduce evidence based models of behaviour change so you can hold space with clients and be aware of where they are in letting go of what is not serving them, what is the evidence of where clients may be, allowing you to intervene appropriately in behaviour change.


Module Four - we become familiar with questioning techniques allowing you to nudge clients forward, you learn the skills in intervening if clients becomes stuck or experiences lapse and contemplate how to intervene with love, compassion and acceptance and not judgement.


Module Five - we uncover how you adopt a bespoke approach to serving your clients, how your clients experience being truly heard, how by understanding elements of your clients you have reliable indicators of what is personally getting in the way of your clients letting go and moving forward.


Module Six - we ascertain how your serving of your clients becomes pertinent, inuential and catalytic, creating a dynamic interaction between you and your clients, with your clients deepening their condence in you as their practitioner and belief in their own ability to make the changes desired.



Throughout the 'Love Your Clients' programme you gain models, case studies, example questions, illustrations and in depth guides to implement in your serving. You have activities/tasks in between each module to deepen your practice and prepare you for the learning in the following module.


The 'Love Your Clients' programme is facilitated by Fi Feehan. Fi is an integrative emotional health practitioner who is passionate about people living in their rightful resourceful state, and individuals dying without or with very little regret. Fi has worked extensively in the world of mental health. She has developed a Sherlock Holmes ability to break mental health codes and patterns of behaviour that do not serve for a life of ourish. Fi utilises a vast knowledge in mental health prevention and intervention practices including body, mind and spirit, alongside good old fashioned wisdom to create bespoke guidance for clients.



The 'Love Your Clients' programme is on a Monday evening from 7pm-9.30pm on the following dates in 2019


Module One-22 July

Module Two-5 August

Module Three-12 August

Modules Four-2 September

Module Five-9 September

Module Six-23 September


Participating practitioners are welcome to come from 6.45pm to indulge in a relaxing cup of tea.


The 'Love Your Clients' programme is being held in the beautiful setting of the Tree of Life in Hove, 143-145 Portland Road, Bn35QJ. 01273 220159.


Please contact Fi Feehan on [email protected] or 07803149381, if you wish to join the 'Love Your Clients' programme, and to discuss the investment for attending this programme in 2019. Spaces are limited. Due to the coaching style and experiential nature of the programme only a small group of practitioners can be accommodated at this time.

Please contact Fi Feehan on [email protected] or       07803 149381

Enquiries & Bookings

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Do you have clients who are a challenge to motivate in making the life enhancing changes you are guiding them on?


Do your clients stop meeting with you before they have achieved the results they desire?


Are you sometimes perplexed by the lack of progress in your clients?

Fi Feehan

Fi Feehan

Dates: Monday Evenings-

Module One - 22nd July

Module Two - 5th August

Module Three - 12th August

Module Four - 2nd September

Module Five - 9th September

Module Six - 23rd September


Time: 7pm- 9:30pm


Location: Tree of Life Centre, 143 Portland Road, Hove, BN3 5QJ




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