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Are you leading a life not in flow?

Do you sense you do not fit the mould and are not being in your purpose?

Are you dreaming of being authentically you?

Do you know who you be when authentically you?

Would you love a space to connect with like hearted others who share your passion for making a difference in the world?


Monthly Circle with Soul

Please contact Fi or Hannah at

[email protected]




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£222 for attendance at all 6 sessions.

Bank details will be provided when your place is confirmed. Payment plans can be agreed. A deposit of £20 to secure your place.

Date & Time

7pm-9:30pm at the Tree of Life Centre


Future Dates Tbc


Fi Feehan

Your Host

The Monthly Circle with Soul takes you on a journey from horse to unicorn, from a place of hiding your light to shining bright within your true essence. Through the Monthly Circle with Soul, you are guided in unveiling and embracing your true essence, surrounded by a community waiting to hear your truth. You will be held within an open hearted space, where you are able to come out of your spiritual closet and own your unique gifts.  



Hosted within the welcoming and nourishing space of The Tree of Life Centre, you are guided through the 5 Golden Keys to unlock your unicorn and live a life being in your true essence.

Each Monthly Circle we collectively explore one of the Golden Keys.

These Golden Keys are the magic ingredients. Reacting an evidence based process of change, allowing you to let go and move forward.



When does the magic happen -


10th February- Key 1: Connecting - What is my true essence? How do I connect with my true essence? When am I in my zone of ow?


9th March- Key 2: Trusting - How can I trust my true essence and being in my inner truth? What does this trust mean to me in my life - Emotionally? Energetically? Spiritually?


6th April- Key 3: Embracing - How do I accept and love the new and wonderful parts I am uncovering? How do I embrace being in my true essence?


11th May- Key 4: Owning - what small steps can you I take to own my tie essence? What thoughts and actions reect the true essence of me-my unicorn? How do I now 'be' in the world?


8th June- Key 5: Belonging - how do I reach out and connect to other unicorns? How do I  communicate from being in my true essence? How do I ensure I stay committed to being in my true essence? To being unicorn?


13th July- Final Circle: Bringing it all together and celebration.




Helpful information


Dates: Please see above

Timings: 7pm - 9:30pm

Location: Tree of Life, Portland Road, Hove, BN3 5QJ

Cost: £222 for attendance at all six Monthly Circles with Soul.

Bank details will be provided when your place is confirmed. Payment plans can be agreed. A deposit of £20 to secure your place.


Places are limited.


The intention is you be in each of the six Monthly Circles with Soul.

To join please contact Hannah and Fi at [email protected]




About your guides


Fi is a Lightworker and guide for unicorns with a mission to bring to her community, strategies and actions that contribute to individuals being in resourceful state. She has worked with hundreds of people -supporting them to remove barriers that block access to desired, empowering emotional states, and to die without regret.


Hannah, a hand-holding human, is a highly intuitive and experienced therapeutic practitioner and yoga teacher. Hannah works from a gentle, heart-centred place. Seamlessly weaving together a blend of techniques, compassion and love to create a space that enables humans to heal and makes changes in their lives that are aligned with their desires for their future.



Cancellation Policy


If for any reason you are unable to attend as planned, please let us know on [email protected] A refund - minus £20 - deposit is offered until 10 January 2020.


If you have any questions please contact Hannah and Fi at [email protected]

Flourish, Flow and Glow aims to guide women to replenish, restore and reclaim their emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual balance.

You are heard.

What if you can focus your energy on what brings you contentment, joy and fulfilment in everyday living?

How would it be to let go of what dulls your sparkle and allows you to be in your true essence?

It is time for you to sparkle.

It is time for you to Flourish, Flow and Glow.



Come and join the Monthly Circle with Soul, and together with other like hearted women you can

-Connect with your inner true essence, your purpose

-Find your zone of flow and glow

-Create emotional, energetic and spiritual balance.

Flourish, Flow and Glow

Here are some words from previous unicorns who have been on the Monthly Circle with Soul



'I found the Monthly Circle to be a nurturing space held with love, I was just starting out in my own new business so it was lovely to find like minded people whilst in this uncertain space and to look at who I was, what I stood for, how I wanted my business to be and how to move forward with that. Highly recommend.'

Sandra from Hove


‘The Monthly Circle supported me to really connect with my true essence as well as meet other heart-centred women. The space was the perfect place to explore who I am and share this part of the journey with others who were desiring similar. Some used this beautiful group as an opportuni- ty to consider how they wanted to show up as their authentic selves in business, whilst others sim- ply wanted to get to know themselves on a much deeper level than ever before. In one way or an- other we all witnessed each other blossom and that was a truly wonderful thing to be part of’.

Hannah from Portslade


From the journey of the Monthly Circle with Soul, all unicorns are invited to join a regular Circle of Unicorn Alumni.