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Nathalie Sansonetti

My goal is to help you discover how great you can feel once we’ve addressed your

digestion, energy, weight or hormonal issues (among many others!).  You deserve to feel great physically and mentally so that you can live your life to the fullest.  Working together, you will soon learn how re-connecting with your inner healing self can completely change your life - as it has done for hundreds of people I have worked with over the last 10 years.


Being a single working Mum, I know what it’s like to juggle responsibilities and having to manage your time cleverly.  So I won't try and squeeze you into a one-size-fits-all program that's totally unrealistic.  Through bespoke nutritional guidance and individual stress-reducing and balancing tools, I will always adapt to your budget, time constraints and other personal circumstances.


Gut Loving Life Program


I offer a proven and very popular step-by-step system in a program derived from years of experience that includes a painless, non-invasive food intolerance test using a Dietx biofeedback machine.  The test helps me to determine from the onset where to focus some of the dietary advice.


Easy-to-implement, bespoke techniques and tools are also offered at every session, to help you achieve permanent results with ease.


Session 1: 1hour. Includes:

•Questionnaire – food intolerance test – recommendations on elimination of all intolerances found in the test.  With advice on food alternatives, stress-reduction and supplements.


Session 2:  1 hour call:  4 weeks into your program, during which time you can ask any questions regarding recipe ideas, eliminations, food and meal alternatives etc to help you progress further.


Session 3: 1 hour call - 8 weeks into your program. Includes:

A final assessment of your progress. Advice on re-introduction of eliminated foods; further tips, recipes and recommendations to help you maintain healthier habits beyond the program.


What’s The Difference Between Nutritional Therapy and Health Coaching?


Do you find that you already (probably) know what’s healthy or not, what you probably should be eating or doing and what you should (perhaps) stop doing or eating?  


I agree.  With so much information on the internet and millions of books and articles, you don’t need more information, you need the right information that applies to your particular circumstances.  But that curated and bespoke advice won’t be of any help if you don’t understand how or don’t have the time or willpower to apply it. Right?


Again, I agree.  After years working as a Nutritional Therapist, watching people struggle with the implementation of nutritional advice, I realised that people do not need more information, they need practical support and accountability to implement the advice and change the way they think about food, health, bodies, etc.


Health Coaching provides just that: support and accountability, a friendly nudge when you’re going off track, the right amount of information at the right time.


So I put together a few coaching programs based on years of working with people struggling with various health and gut issues.


My 3-or 12 part programs offer support and accountability that most people need when it comes to changing habits and sticking to them for permanent results. These programs have completely and permanently transformed guts, bodies and mindsets for many people.


I offer a 3 part – 8-week Gut Loving Health Coaching program at the Tree of Life Centre, which focuses specifically on identifying potential food sensitivities, addressing any stress or lifestyle issues potentially impacting your gut and health and giving you the support needed to address these over 2 months.  (see details above)


My 90-day Body and Gut Health Transformation Program starts at the Tree of Life centre and continues weekly over online/video coaching calls to offer you continuous support and accountability.  This program includes bespoke recipes, meal plans, supplement protocol, stress-reducing and lifestyle balancing tools and techniques that literally change lives.




“I went to Nathalie after a summer of mysterious food allergies that were leaving me feeling lethargic and all around awful. What began as simply diagnosing what foods were causing me trouble, quickly turned into over three months of mentorship that I couldn't be more grateful for. What Nathalie offers is about far more than just food. Sessions with her slowly forced me to address my relationship with myself, the world, and to reassess my future goals. I feel more vibrant, more alive, and more happy than I have been at any point before her program. A chance to work with Nathalie is a chance to get to know yourself better than you ever have before. It’s a chance to work through complicated relationships with food, and to reclaim eating as pure enjoyment! Forever grateful for her many lessons and losing 30lbs in the process was a great achievement too!” Lorna Taylor, Hove (and USA)


“I was recommended Nathalie by my daughter after seeing her transformation. I had suffered for many years with various digestive issues including bloating, fatigue, headaches, sinus problems etc. I was also stuck in a rut with my diet habits. 

After just one session with Nathalie, I started to notice the difference in my health and after several sessions, I felt completely transformed. Nathalie has helped me to change my outlook on food and life. I feel more positive and confident about myself and have learnt to deal with any stresses that come my way. The weight loss was a bonus too! 

I would highly recommend Nathalie as she has thoroughly helped me when I thought there was no hope after trying many different diet fads. Thank you so much Nathalie!” Tanya Seggie, West Sussex.


“I suffered from ibs for over 10 years. On top of that, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism two years ago and doctors started giving me high doses of hormones, which kept on increasing. These two conditions were taking over my life, my stress level was very high and, not matter what I ate, I was constantly bloated and tired. 

After multiple unsuccessful doctors appointments, I decided to start working with Nathalie. I couldn’t have made a better choice. 

Working with her has been not only an eye-opening experience but also a mind opening one. She has broadened my views on food, helped me gain more confidence and taught me how to manage my stress. 

I thought that my problems were only caused by wrong food choices, but she made me realize that food is only one of the factors. She helped me improve my lifestyle and I couldn’t be happier of the results. I am no longer bloated, tired or overstressed. I feel better and more confident about myself. 

I couldn’t recommend Nathalie enough. She is such a lovely and empowering woman. She puts so much effort into every session, genuinely listens to your problems and concerns, plus her recipes are delicious!!”  Laura Morbini, Hove.



















Graduate of the Health Coach Institute, USA

Food Allergy & Intolerance Therapist – College of Naturopathic Nutrition

Natural Nutrition Therapist –Graduate of the College of Natural Nutrition, UK

Masters Degree from The University of The West of England



Nathalie is a member of the Federation of Nutritional Therapists, UK (FNTP) and of the UK Health Coaches Association.

Health and Nutrition Coach



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“I love seeing my clients transform through this program. I feel so incredibly grateful to have been able to help so many gain the knowledge and tools needed to become more aware of and connected with their own bodies’ infinite healing potential. We all have it – it’s all ‘there’ and I am just a guide in your wonderful journey”

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8 week Gut Loving Program:


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