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Your Naturopath


Good health is more than the absence of disease, and naturopathy helps people achieve an optimal state of wellbeing and vitality, whatever their age or health status. Naturopathy is the original system of natural healthcare that has become well known in recent years as Functional Medicine.


Naturopaths train for a minimum of 4 years full-time, and are ongoingly informed and guided by the latest research. A naturopathic treatment plan usually incorporates nutrition, natural supplements where needed and advice about self-care (stress reduction, exercise, lifestyle changes...)


In addition to this, many naturopaths are trained in further techniques such as osteopathy, homeopathy, herbal medicine and health coaching/counselling. This offers patients a truly integrated approach to whatever problem they are seeking help with. People seek help from naturopathys for  a wide range of conditions; from digestive and hormonal problems, to allergies and stress-related issues.


Naturopathy has three main guiding philosophies...


1) It recognises that the body is an incredible self-regulating system, which is  able to heal itself given the right conditions.


2) It works through the connections between the structural, biochemical and mental/emotional dimesnions of health. If one of these components is disrupted, there is usually a ripple-effect through the other two, causing disruption or dysfunction wherever our ‘weakest link’ is.


3) Naturopathy embraces the uniqueness of each individual. We all respond differently to emotional, structural, nutritional, social or cultural influences and stimuli, and an effective treatment plan will take this into account.


Naturopaths always seek to find an effective way to promote the body’s natural wellbeing.  You will usually have much more time with an naturopath than with your GP.  Therefore, there will be time for you to fully explain your condition and for the practitioner to ask questions and make suggestions.


Naturopaths understand and respect the contribution of conventional medicine towards treating illnesses. They will always tailor your treatment plan to be safe and supportive of any medical care you are receiving.

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To Book


Please email Gaynor directly at: [email protected]

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1st Consultation (75 mins): £85

Includes follow-up report, advice summary and action plan



Standard (1 hour): £65

Express (45 mins): £50


Includes email follow-up support where needed