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Soreh Levy

Soreh has been involved in complementary medicine for over 30 years, training first as a Shiatsu practitioner and then graduating as an acupuncturist from the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in 2001.


Soreh has a strong interest in women’s health, specialising in treating a range of women’s health issues, from menstrual disorders, fertility issues, pregnancy and labour, through to the menopause. Alongside her acupuncture treatments she offers advice in relation to nutrition, lifestyle and exercise regimes to help obtain optimum health.


She has over fifteen years’ experience and post-graduate training in treating women and their partners with fertility related issues. She aims to assist women and their partners to conceive naturally. If assisted reproductive (ART) procedures are required, she uses acupuncture to support women through IUI and IVF and at all stages of their pregnancy, labour and post-birth. She is a founding member of The Acupuncture Childbirth Team Brighton & Sussex, and as part of this group has led talks and workshops for Brighton & Sussex University Hospital Trust midwives on the benefits of acupuncture for breech presentation and natural pain relief in childbirth.


Soreh also runs workshops teaching acupressure to pregnant women and their birthing partners and for midwives and doulas who would like to learn simple yet very effective acupressure for natural pain relief during childbirth. Research carried by New Zealand midwives has shown that women receiving acupressure during childbirth had more efficient labours with less need for any medical intervention.


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Acupuncture - initial (75 mins)



Acupuncture follow-up (45 mins) £50


Pre-birth treatments and inductions  (1hr) £50


Children's Acupuncture:


Initial appointment (45 mins) £45

Follow-ups (45 mins) £45



















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Soreh's Testimonials

"I have had many treatments with Soreh over the years and always marvel at her ability to listen and tune in to my issue and then turn it into a really effective acupuncture treatment. Every time she has treated me I have felt much much better for it and it has shifted, on a profound yet subtle level, the issue that I came with. She really seems to have a gift and in my opinion is a very talented acupuncturist. I cannot recommend her highly enough!" Catherine, Hove


"Soreh is the Magic lady! I have acupuncture fortnightly and the change in my health and happiness has been unbelievable! The Wellbeing Centre is quite literally a god send and has helped me so much, for this I am eternally grateful. Fantastic works guys! And a special thanks to the Magic lady! :) " Philippa Watt - Brighton


"This is still the most relaxing place in Sussex, even with building works going on! I am so appreciative of the care and intuition of the practitioners here... (Posted by a patient treated in the drop-in clinic)" Aisha - Brighton


" I suffer with hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue and consequently fibromyalgia. I went to see Soreh to try some acupuncture treatment because the pain of the fibromyalgia had become unbearable. I have now been having acupuncture for nearly 3 months and the pain has almost completely disappeared. I still occasionally have a few twinges but nowhere near what I had before. Soreh is extremely nice and really good in her work and I thoroughly recommend her."  Vivien Tedeschi - Brighton


"A great practitioner who you feel very comfortable with.Soreh always does what is the best and it is very effective. Thank you very much for being so helpful and introducing me to moxa sticks, too! I like using them at home very much and they are very calming and soothing.  Acupuncture always makes me sleep well, and the quality of sleep is amazing. Thanks. "   Sandra - Hove


"Really interesting and came away with clear information, feeling confident about using acupressure". (Doula - feedback on Acupressure for Birth course)


"I wanted to know how to support women and their partners at home-births. I think that I will feel confident to do this now". (Midwife - feedback on Acupressure for Birth Course)


"After receiving your help I didn't need to be medically induced for my son's birth at 39 weeks for OC (obstetric cholestasis) and treatment made such a big impact on my sciatic pain. My son arrived very quickly and he's absolutely perfect.  I had a water birth with just gas and air as I'd wanted and we came home yesterday afternoon so I'm over the moon. Thank you so much for all your help. Not only did he arrive on his due date but the acupuncture made the last couple of weeks of pregnancy so much more enjoyable as I felt brilliant, and no sciatic pain during labour either." (Nikki Haddon, Brighton)


Testimonial for Acupuncture usage in high BP.


''I have been suffering from high blood pressure for over 10 years now and my GP has had to increase my medication every few years. I have been worried lately as my GP is talking about taking 2 or 3 medications in conjunction to try to keep my BP low.I have had acupuncture for various issues over the years and decided to try it specifically for my high BP.


It was instantaneous.....after my first session my BP has dropped to very low levels. However over time and regular sessions, I have found it to be a lot more stable and remaining in the normal range most of the day.

I have been really amazed at the response and continue to have acupuncture sessions regularly.''  Guy - from Hove



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