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Sue Fuller

Sue is a qualified homeopath who over the last forty years has gained a huge depth of experience running daily clinics and pursuing her passion for homeopathy and integrated medicine.


Sue has lectured extensively and formerly helped to launch the UK’s first HND in Complementary Health. She is a co-founder of the International Guild of Natural Medicine Practitioners and an Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine.


Sue is also the founder and director of the Kesteven Natural Health Centre, an active clinic and training centre for Vibronic Homeopathy. The centre has been licensed since 1971 by the Department of Health, Medicines Control Agency and MHRA, to supply its unique range of Vibronic Homeopathy, which has been developed for use in the prevention and management of many common ailments and conditions.





First Consultation (60 mins): £60

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Sue's Testimonials

I first started using the Centre’s Vibronic Homeopathy six years ago when my son had a reaction to his first baby injection. He became ill very fast, his immune system was weakened, he lost his appetite, would not sleep at night and had what I can only describe as spasms as he slept. He was in a lot of pain and we were despairing as the conventional medical world could seem to do nothing to help but give him antibiotics for each infection. However, within a week of him taking the Centre’s homeopathy he was eating, sleeping and generally a happier child.


I have since had two other children and as a family we use the homeopathy regularly to boost our immune systems. The school commented to me the other day, 'your children are so fit and never seem to catch infections'. My response was ‘it is the homeopathy'. I have recommended friends to speak with Sue Fuller for various problems and ailments. The remedies have never failed us. Kesteven Natural Health Centre is definitely our first port of call when illness occurs and I don't know what we would do without it.  Mrs C B, Lincoln


Many thanks for sending the bottles of homeopathy so quickly after we spoke. I have started taking them to great effect. My stomach feels a lot better already, which I found quite amazing after the problems I've had in finding something that will work.

Mrs  B, Lincs


I am delighted to recommend Kesteven Natural Health Centre. I used to be a very keen amateur hurdler and turned up with a shopping list of problems (!) affecting my muscles and joints. She gave me a few different remedies and recommended a food supplement that between them have literally changed the direction that my body seemed to be taking. I have been able to get back to gentle exercise and no longer rely on pain killers anything like before.  I’m very glad to have made that contact and would encourage anyone I know to do the same.  Mr S G, Nottingham



Thank you very much for sending my prescription so promptly. I can’t wait for you to see me again as I’m just not the same person that visited a month ago. The arthritis and pain in my knees and ankle has hugely improved since last month. I’m feeling so well and the bit of pain that I have, I can cope with. Many, many thanks for a new lease of life!  Mrs J B, Lincolnshire



The pressures of work had left me feeling stressed and with a nagging anxiety that wouldn’t disappear even at weekends. I couldn’t get to sleep, woke up early and felt generally run down and unhappy. I talked to Sue who recommended Vibronic Homeopathy remedies Box 1 and Pro E for use in the day and others for just before bed- 166, 166D. She also encouraged me to start doing a bit of exercise, which I am getting back into. The anxiety levels have dropped right down. I can feel the difference at work, like I’m more in charge and less easily affected. Im also not struggling to sleep any more, which has made a huge difference. A very big thank you.  Mr J H, Derby



I am pleased to be able to report that after using the Centre’s homeopathy for my depression that, in someway, I am now free of the problems I was experiencing. I am busy and productive and although I continue to have negative periods and some down days, they don’t last or cause so much concern, but tend to fade away for lack of fuelling… I feel that my ‘up-phase’ has lasted a sufficiently long time for me to have confidence in it. I send my sincere thanks and praise to you for the way in which you responded to my need and for the treatment you prescribed.  Mr I T, Cambs  



I have been using Vibronic Homeopathy for myself, my husband and our children for a long time. We regularly take the Centre's pills for colds, flu, earache, and once after a broken bone as well as other of lifes little adventures! They make such a noticeable difference to our recovery. Since we started using the flu kits in the early autumn we also noticed how much less we've been picking up the bugs that go round. Very many thanks for all your help and advice. Mrs JB, Lincs


I owe a great debt of gratitude to Kesteven Natural Health Centre’s Vibronic Homeopathy. It has helped me in so many situations and in so many ways from exam nerves, recovering from measles, coughs, colds etc. Sue has always given me remedies that help straight away. The most recent was for back pain that was diagnosed as kidney stones that started to hurt about a year ago. I went to the hospital for a scan and was told that I may need them removed if it got worse. I have been taking the Centre’s remedies which eased the pain. I went for another scan at my GP’s advice and the kidney stones had actually got smaller. Sue’s also recommended some better food choices and I’ve been eating differently and also drinking more water. I’m very hopeful that there’ll be no need for an operation now or in the future. I’m very grateful and I wanted to share this in case other people might find it helpful too. Mr S, London




Follow-ups (30 mins): £50

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Visiting Consultant

(Prices include homeopathic remedies)


Sue does most of her work over the phone, and mails remedies to clients directly from her Dispensary.