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Lose Weight, Boost your Energy and Love Your Body

With Donna Valaskova - Naturopathic Nutritionist

Course Fees & Dates:



6 consecutive weeks at £60

(just £10 per session)


*This includes one hour

a week coaching and support, weekly recipes and handouts.




Tuesday 14th January at 7pm




Tree of Life Centre, 30 The Drive, Hove, BN3 3JD




To book or ask for further details please contact Donna on

01273 220 159 or [email protected]





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Lose Weight, Boost Energy and Feel Great!


Join our 6-week programme starting in Hove on Tuesday 14th January 2020 at 7pm


Make fantastic progress in 6 weeks with this deliciously easy Nutrition Coaching Programme:


  • Drop stubborn pounds and supercharge energy levels, without fads or      deprivation.

  • Does it sound familiar that trying to lose weight feels like:

  • Always being on a diet, or being deprived of favourite foods?

  • Being punished with tough exercise routines?

  • Not seeing any real, long lasting results?

  • Finding it too confusing, tiring or just too hard?


The latest research proves that eating less or strict exercising can actually contribute to stubborn weight. It also shows that we’re significantly more successful in losing weight when we have support, accountability, and a bit of cheerleading along the way.


On this life-changing course there is the opportunity to discover the hidden reasons that may have been making it hard to lose weight; and what can be done to get things back on track; from hormone imbalances and food sensitivities, to chronic stress and bacterial imbalances in the gut. Created by an experienced and un-faddy nutritionist, the programme explains amazing things about the body, provides tailor-made eating plans to suit each person, and creates a pathway to reaching long-term goals


Ready to begin? Join us!


Expert Naturopathic Nutritionist Donna Valaskova has created a programme packed with proven strategies that have helped hundreds of people, offering expert secrets and delicious food creations that will help create weight loss easily and sustainably, while gaining new levels of health and energy. The best news? There is no need to radically change lifestyle, or give up all the tasty foods and treats.


About the Programme:


Gain practical weight loss strategies, meal plans and fascinating insights about your body, within an uplifting, supportive group to help:


  • Identify the hidden blockages to weight loss that have held you back in the   past, and overcome them

  • Set and accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting

  • Learn how to lose weight sustainably, without it all piling back on months later

  • Understand the science behind cravings, and succeed in reducing them

  • Supercharge energy levels

  • Feel great in both body and mind

  • Enjoy exciting new foods as well as familiar, comforting ones

  • Gain the confidence to create a perfect life




"I took the marvellous Nutrition Evening Class (six-weeks) in Tree of Life Centre, Hove. I lost weight and felt really good! You introduced me to a whole new way to think about food and taking care of myself."                                                                                                          Sophia.P.



"I thought this course was fabulous, we are all told that loosing weight is a lifestyle change and not a diet, this course offers you suggestions on how you can make these changes. After years of dieting, adding oil and nuts to my diet has been somewhat challenging, however I have done it AND I have lost weight and feel more energised and grounded. My mood swings are also definitely less. Turmeric, cayenne, cinnamon and lemon have become my favourites to add to food, and I  am loving winter porridge!"                                                                         Saran F., Hove


"I cannot thank Donna enough for really helping me with my diet and wellbeing.


I was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and was put on a heavy dose of steroids. With Donna's guidance I have made small changes to my diet, exercise and way of thinking. My consultant has since been able to reduce my medication.


Donna makes everything great fun and straight forward to understand. She is so knowledgeable, inspirational and her recipes are wonderful!! I would really recommend one of her courses or a one to one"                                                                                     Sarah P., Brighton


"Dear Donna,

What a fantastic course you have put together for us all ! .... Delivered for just one hour a week .... I have changed my mindless eating pattern  , steadily losing weight  though eating lots of food  and have increased  energy and mobility. I believe this is nutritional education  of  a very high standard and unlike fad diets which work for only  a little while  .... this is a life changer. No pressure from you  and your enthusiasm and passion for your subject is very motivational !  We have a laugh together as we try out samples of different healthy foods and drinks ... very generous of you !  Thank you so much !"                                                                                                                  Eluna N,Brighton


"Dear Donna,

I loved the six week course - it was really well designed and your presentation of the information was delightful. The recipes are excellent and easy to follow and overall the holistic approach really appealed to me. Thankyou so much

I’m looking forward to attending the next “advanced” course!                                      Jan T, Hove



"I have so enjoyed Donna’s 6 week course. She is motivational, always smiling and explains things in an easy to understand way. Donna is realistic and most importantly to me not fanatical. I am very much looking forward to the next course and would thoroughly recommend Donna"                                                                Julie H., Hove                                                                                                                        


"Donna has created a six week course to boost health and lose weight.  Her knowledge of nutrition is extensive. She delivers the course with friendliness and enthusiasm. She always  listens, has time for individual queries and always has an answer. It is amazing how much  information is imparted during the course. There are also weekly emails full of information and delicious recipes. My aim in joining the course was to boost my energy levels and this has certainly happened (I am now joining a beginners' running course!). I recommend Donna's course without hesitation"  

                                                                                                            Susana M., Hove


''Having just completed Donna V’s incredible, six -week healthy nutrition course, I can honestly say that I have rarely felt better. Not only have I lost 10lbs, I have gained a real understanding of how food works, how it can give us energy, happiness and vitality and how, by making some simple adjustments to my diet, I can regain control of my weight and my health. Not only is Donna a fully-qualified nutritionist, with all the expertise that comes with it, she is also a lot of fun to work with – kind, understanding, encouraging and non –judgemental. She also comes armed with a wonderful repertoire of delicious recipes that are so easy to make and to incorporate into even the busiest lives. If you follow them, you can eat wonderfully well and still achieve weight loss from all the right places without compromising your health or your energy levels or without feeling particularly deprived.   It surely helps, too, that Donna makes the experience feel so personal. There were only four of us on my course and she took an individual interest in each and every one of us - inspiring us and motivating us when we met each Thursday evening and then keeping us on track by email with fresh dietary ideas to try each week. In short, if you are looking to lose a little weight, learn a lot about what you are eating and gain a great deal of happiness in the process, then this is most definitely the course for you''

                                                                                                             Daphne L, Hove



''I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and wish it were longer.  I am impressed with Donna's knowledge and  enthusiasm for the subject.  It has certainly made me think about food and exercise in a different way''

                                                                                                             Helen E. J., Hove


''Donna's course is brilliant. Her knowledge is vast and her manner of teaching is more like having a chat so I was learning without realising it. Each week at our meeting we were given information on a new topic that we discussed until we all understood and the notes Donna sends after the meeting are very helpful reminders. This does not feel like a diet but is a very easy to follow way of understanding how important it is to give our body what it needs to support us. I now have a much better understanding of ehat a balanced diet is. Donna has given me so many easy and simple tips that have massively helped. This course has changed the way I think about food. Thank you Donna.''

                                                                                                              Martina R. Hove



''I have attended Donnas 6 week course on nutrition and really enjoyed each week.

Donna also sent us emails with tips, suggestions and healthy recipes to try each week. I am so impressed with her knowledge about all things healthy and she made it fun. Thank you Donna I am looking forward to part 2 now''


                                                                                            Eileen F., Shoreham by Sea


"After what I call my ‘pregnant years’ (trying to get pregnant, being pregnant, caring for young children) I had slowly gained lots of weight. I had recently managed to shed some of that weight, but was really struggling with the last 7lbs. Donna’s course really helped me to understand that by trying to lose weight, I wasn’t eating right or even enough – looking back, worried about what was and wasn’t good for me, I was skipping meals and starving myself. Donna is extremely knowledgeable and educates nutrition in a very down to earth and understandable way. In just 4 weeks, I was eating regularly, eating more and have managed to lose 5lbs. My energy levels have increased and my hormonal health is increasingly balanced. I really loved being part of a group to chat and share ideas, I will definitely be seeing Donna again for more nutritional and lifestyle guidance''

                                                                                                                  S. Faria, Hove

Donna Valaskova naturopathic nutrition tree of lif

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